Science and Technical

Advisory Board

At MAPIS we rely on a team of external consultants that are our science and technical advisors.

Each advisor is an expert and together they make a team of recognized advisors.


Web Developer

Rui is our web developer also known as the code ninja. He’s a programming expert that never gets lost between the code lines.

With his devoted and energetic spirit, he decodes every problem and transforms it into the best solutions.

Passionate about the code and computer science of course this self-taught also plays the guitar and does calisthenics.


Ana Monteiro

Senior Scientific Consultant

Ana is one of the top climate experts in the country and the leader of CHERG – Climate Health and Environment Research Group.
She is a geographer, passionate about climate and environment, never forgetting public health to which she has dedicated her researcher life. She helps our clients to consider the impacts of choosing policies about environment, climate, risks, geopolitics, society, health and economy.
Ana’s perseverance is one of her main features, always leading projects towards the intended goals. Her multitasking skills and capability of transferring knowledge has been a key factor towards the formation of the team.