MAPIS – Mapping Intelligent Solutions, results from a series of skills in the domains of strategic planning, climatic and public health risks preventions, supported on the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as an essential tool for dyagnosis, reflection and decision.
MAPIS emerged from the finding of a wide set of needs in articulate, properly, the results of the scientific investigation in applied climatology with the spatial planning,  agriculture, urban planning and public health and with environmental impact assessment, to the “territory makers” needs.
All the solutions are anchored in the use of the GIS, as an essential tool, in both diagnostic steps, as in reflection and decision-making. Therefore, GIS, are the main mean of communication for both the survey and mapping in GIS problems, as for the discussion and analysis of hypothesis for the expression of integrated support solutions for governments and companies.
Our company has a systemic view of the reality and demands that the solutions are the most intelligent in order to improve people’s life quality, well being and health, as well as the societies where they live in. In MAPIS you, your company and your city take place.

MAPIS is where everything takes place.



We provide personalized Intelligent Solutions, anchored on Geographic Information Systems, to promote better decisions.

To consolidate our position in the global market through the creation of a powerful partner’s network and by the conception of innovative and intelligent solutions to leverage your business, your city and our world.